King Lear and The Fool
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Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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Turning Their Backs on the Light

King Lear and The Fool is chapter 90 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter three of volume eight.


On their way to the club-room, Kobato persuades her brother into forcing the people from the food stands by coercing them into giving him food. Kodaka refuses to listen to Kobato's demands as he teases her by calling her "Princess Kobato", leaving Kobato flustered.

Arriving in the club-room, Kodaka was informed by his club-mates that Rika has yet to come, as well as their movie. Thirty minutes before the start of the festival, Kodaka leaves the club-room and heads to the Rika's Room, only to discover Rika inside laying on the floor out cold. Seeing this, Kodaka immediately brings Rika to the school's infirmary and when he returns to the clubroom, informs his club-mates about Rika's sick condition, much to their relief. Feeling guilty for relying on Rika too much, Yozora announces that their screening is canceled as she explains that it's pointless for them to not watch their movie first before the screening, and the Neighbor's Club then started to post up posters - informing the public about their canceled activity.

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As Kodaka removes their club's poster in one of the school's bulletin boards, he came across Aoi Yusa. After clearing the misunderstanding of Kodaka being Sena's boyfriend and knowing about the club they both join in, Kodaka left Aoi and returns to the club-room. There, Sena continues to convince Kobato into going with her around the festival and afterward, Kodaka heads to the school's infirmary to visit Rika. Inside, Kodaka was astonished by Rika's appearance and then reads her a BL novel as thanks for her hard work. After knowing that the yaoi hole from her novel is a false existence, Kodaka decides to left Rika to rest after she asks Kodaka to strip for reference purposes about the yaoi hole. Before leaving, Kodaka makes a remark to Rika about the reason why he acts foolishly around her was because of the Neighbor's Club and that he wants to protect it.

Returning to the club-room, Kodaka informs the Neighbor's Club about Rika's improving condition and then decides to stroll around the school's festival. Later Kodaka receives a message from Rika, regarding about her being completely well and is able enough to head back home as the first day of their cultural festival was set to a close.


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