Kobato Hasegawa
羽瀬川 小鳩
Hasegawa Kobato
Chapter Information
Chapter 16
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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In The Rika Room
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Kobato Hasegawa (羽瀬川 小鳩, Hasegawa Kobato) is chapter 86 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter sixteen of volume seven.


Vol7 chp16

Kobato's popularity saddens Maria.

Postponing their filming a week before their school festival, the Neighbor's Club decided to go and watch Kobato's movie at her school's festival. Arriving there, Maria turns overjoyed seeing the lively atmosphere of the festival and the gang hurriedly arrives in the AV room where the movie screening is being held. During the screening, Kodaka was bewildered as he discovers Kobato was playing a princess in their movie. After stating their positive comments on the movie after the screening, Kobato appears together with her classmates - who were praising Kobato for her performance. Not long after, Sena lunges at Kobato in excitement while a classmate of Kobato approaches Kodaka. After delivering Kodaka's praise to Kobato for her performance, the student confirms Kodaka's speculation of Kobato being popular but was quite dismayed after knowing that Kobato didn't acknowledge it. After the student left, Maria shows a hint of sadness after hearing what the student said and Kodaka tries to cheer her up by buying her snacks while Rika murmurs on how related Kodaka's and Kobato's denseness is. When Kodaka came to check on Rika, asking about what she said, Rika instead mentions that she too wanted some snacks.

After strolling around, the Neighbor's Club decided to return to the high school division to continue filming. After filming in one of their locations, Kobato returns to the clubroom and Maria immediately lunges towards her in happiness as they were about to begin on their endless quarreling. As Kodaka smiles on them, Sena declares that they'll start again by filming Kobato's scenes; whereas Kodaka was a stand-in for her, much to his surprise. And afterward, the Neighbor's Club began an activity with all members present.

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