Kodaka Hasegawa's Life Counseling
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Chapter 2
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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The Time When I Held Your Hand
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Kodaka Hasegawa's Life Counseling is chapter 100 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter two of volume nine.


After helping Kodaka stand up, Rika, exhausted, sits by a fence and Kodaka follows suit. Sitting side by side, Rika remarks that their current meeting - which Rika considers as a first - was something peculiar and Kodaka was blindsided by Rika's appropriately stated words, knowing her habit of naming things exaggeratedly as he cites the things named by Rika, much to the latter's embarrassment. And while thinking that Rika's naming habits may be due to her having Eight-grade Syndrome, Kodaka states that she and Kobato would surprisingly get along nicely. After Rika got teased by Kodaka, Rika made a reference to the suspicious things Kodaka said during their earlier fight, thus leading to them both having life consultation. As Kodaka questions himself on his next move from then onwards, Rika asks Kodaka to think of the situation as she then elaborately states of her having communicative competence in terms of socializing - as said by Kodaka to her during their fight - and how would one still manage to get through various situations even with using just a tinge amount of communicative competence, citing the time the Chairman Pegasus convinced Rika to enroll in St. Chronica's Academy as an example. After Rika deduced that Kodaka can read the mood and atmosphere of the situation of things - which Kodaka had also agreed upon himself - Kodaka is baffled after Rika declared her unreliability of understanding the deeper meaning of human relationships. Afterward, Rika makes a refer-back of all the things that had happened to them - the Neighbor's Club - in the past week such as the time after Sena's confession to Kodaka and the state of the clubroom and its club members during Kodaka's absence. Rika reassures Kodaka that nothing unexpected would occur in their current situation and that he has good intentions and competence that wouldn't have required him to join the Neighbor's Club. After Kodaka praises Rika for being courageous, Rika straightforwardly asks Kodaka on his honest feelings towards Sena. Kodaka confesses he loves Sena and now has decided on what to do afterward. Rika then apologizes to Kodaka for not being of much assistance, but Kodaka retorts back, saying she had helped him a lot as he came to the realization of how reassuring to have a friend by his side.

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