Let The Second Semester Begin
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Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
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A Tale of the Unattached and the Unlucky

Let The Second Semester Begin is chapter 56 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume five.


On the first day of class after their five-day break from finals, Kodaka and Yozora ask each other in regards to their results in their exams as they head into the club-room. After hearing about Yozora's near-perfect scores which she considers poor marks (by her standards), Kodaka comes to a realization that Yozora has been luring him into revealing his scores, which were considerably lower than Yozora but still above average. Kodaka nonetheless reveals her scores to Yozora, only for her to sympathize with him, much to Kodaka's annoyance. Afterward, Sena appears before them and reveals to them her perfect scores in her exams. When Sena makes a bet on Yozora on their scores on Modern Japanese (which Yozora had a perfect score) Yozora denies even with Sena's nonsensical conditions on the winner and loser of the bet. As Yozora walks away and converses with Tomo about the results of her exams, Sena keeps convincing Yozora into considering her idea of the bet.

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