Volume 2

Volume 2

Release Date Japanese - November 25, 2009
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Light Novel Volume 2 is volume two of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. The cover characters this time are Sena Kashiwazaki and Kodaka Hasegawa.



Long time no see, this is Hirasaka Yomi.

To everyone who had bought this novel, thank you for supporting it as it allowed volume 2 to be released.

The little girl who barely appears in volume 1 and the weird kouhai joins in this volume, making the sorrowful Neighbors Club livelier every day. If you think this is fun I’m very happy.

This time Yozora and Sena didn't do much, some might angrily say "Why didn't they?” Well, they will certainly do so later. What am I talking about? I'm talking about vomiting!, let's continue with apologizing.

In the first and second edition of volume 1 "Past" chapter, “11 years ago” is a mistake. The correct one is "10 years ago". 11 years ago they weren't in elementary school yet... The third edition has corrected this mistake, so I have to apologize to those who bought the first or second editions here.

From now on, if you find the mistake, be it typographical errors or inconsistency in the story. Please tell me by putting it on the mail form on my website (searching for "Hirasaka Yomi" should bring you there)

Next is also an apology.

This time (yes, this time too), I troubled Buriki-san and everyone in charge of this novel by sending the manuscript later than scheduled. I'm really sorry.

In the volume 1 afterword, I wrote "the easiest style to write". I realized after writing volume 2 that it wasn't that easy to write at all.

But the part about "The most interesting story" is still true. I'd be very glad if the readers feel the same way.

This novel is just this author's hobby, but Buriki-san and all the people in charge helped made it possible for this volume 2 to be released, thank you very much!

All those thoughts lead to this afterword.

Volume 3, as you might be able to expect, is about everyone's summer break. Imagine beautiful illustrations of wonderful young girls (only in appearance though) wearing swimsuits or yukata, wouldn't it be exciting?

Lastly, please continue your support for volume 3 too!


  • In this volume, some new characters are re-introduced that previously only appeared in the color illustration from Volume 1.

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