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Release Date Japanese - March 25, 2010
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Light Novel Volume 3 is volume three of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. The cover character is Kobato Hasegawa holding a Kodaka doll.


This volume features the activities of the members in the Neighbor's Club during the summer break.


And now "Haganai" volume 3, the Neighbors Club's summer break has concluded.

In the story, summer is the season of the Normals. I don't have any memory of fun summer breaks at all. While writing this book, thoughts about "I want to go to the beach or to the pool with friends too!" or "How does it feel going camping with everyone, I wonder..." suddenly flooding in left me in despair and tears.

No matter whether you are Normals, or not Normals, I'm very happy if you enjoyed this.


In "The Silent Phone" chapter, the topic about SNS "nixi" is modeled from SNS "mixi" in the real world. mixi has canceled the invitation system since March, now it is possible to become a member even without any friends. Volume 1 "The Hunt" is also similar (the real "Monster Hunter" game doesn't allow killing your fellows). mixi became nixi, Monster Hunter became Monster Kariudo, along with other goods/works/characters/etc, please consider them to be purely fictional. But for "The Sacred Blackstar", I believe Miura-san will really write it someday.


As you already saw from the obi and the next page announcement, "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" will have a manga adaptation! Serialization will start in the May issue of Monthly Comic Alive, which will be on sale at the same time as this book.

Imagine this scene or that scene which weren't included in the original work, such as vomiting, or vomiting... Please check it out.

[Words of Thanks]

Buriki-san, who is in charge of illustrations, still continued supporting me with wonderful drawings. I'm really appreciative.

Everyone at MF Bunko J involved in the creation and marketing of this book, thank you very much for your support allowing this volume 3 to be released. Please take care of this troublesome author from now on too.

Lastly, for readers whom purchased volume 1 and 2, thanks to you, support on deciding to make a manga adaptation was higher than I expected, I'll continue to write interesting stories with my all, please keep following.

Let's meet again in volume 4.

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