Lunar Blade
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Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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Lunar Blade is chapter 94 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume eight.


As the Neighbor's Club return to their lax modus vivendi a week after their school's cultural festival, Aoi Yusa from the Student Council barges in unexpectedly inside the club-room. Despite their current situation, Sena carelessly ignores Aoi as she plays her FPS video game and barely even remembering her name and their past interactions, much to Aoi's chagrin. After appeasing Aoi, the latter immediately proclaims her unexpected presence inside the clubroom: expressing her criticism towards the Neighbor's Club lax lifestyle. Hearing this, Yozora immediately shot back at Aoi for intruding in their club and commanding its members on what to do.

Vol8 chp7

Yozora defending Kobato from Aoi's accusations.

After Kodaka tries to clear things up with Yozora, Yozora returns her attention to Aoi and declares that her club is perfectly legitimate and faultless and adds that them "playing around" is part of their club's activities, much to Aoi's bewilderment. After going through the club's formal goal and the deep purpose of their "activities" of gaining friends, Aoi shows a hint of affirmance to Yozora's word but still expresses her doubt of seeing the club members frolic in club activities, but Yozora states that it is only her opinion. Desperate, Aoi points at Yukimura, Rika, and Kobato, of whom aren't wearing the school's official uniform and claims that the trio was breaking school rules. Yet Yozora corrected her that wearing a uniform is not always required during appointed school events, which include club activities, much to Aoi's frustration. 

Overhearing Kodaka, Aoi immediately turns to Kobato, a middle schooler, whom Aoi considers as an outsider which the school rules forbid in letting the latter enter school premises. Yet Yozora firmly announces to Aoi that Kobato is still a part of the St. Chronica's Academy and adds that the school chapel, where their club-room is located, is mostly a public facility than being a building from school grounds and concluded that Kobato is a proper member of the Neighbor's Club. After Aoi was left speechless to Yozora's words while Kobato looks at Yozora with amazement, Aoi hastily storms off the club-room in defeat. Meanwhile, Yozora was left exhausted as her fellow club-mates praises her for her actions.

Later that evening, Kodaka compares the rules from his past schools to St. Chronica's, knowing that his current school's rules were laxer than his former ones as he reminisces the schools he once attended to.

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