Me and Slave and Blue Days
Atashi to Dorei to Blue Day
Chapter Information
Chapter 1
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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You Can't Make Friends if You Don't Enter the Tiger's Den

Me and Slave and Blue Days (あたしとドレイとブルーデイ, Atashi to Dorei to Blue Day) is chapter one of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter one of volume one. This chapter was done by Itachi.


In a classroom, Sena is pondering whether or not she's going to the clubroom soon. Yozora appears and Sena asks what she's doing there. Yozora shows her a club application form saying there's something she has to do today, no matter what. Yozora says that there's a name missing from the form and that it's Sena's. Sena thinks about how she never actually submitted a club application and Yozora teases her about always hanging out with the club members while not being an official member. Sena agrees to fill out the form while Yozora keeps glaring at her. She asks what Yozora is staring at, but Yozora says nothing and leaves. Sena gets up off of her classmate, Tanashi (which is what Yozora was staring at) and decides that she'll go to the club today. The other Neighbor's Club members can be seen watching from the door.

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