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Chapter 9
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Mother is chapter 130 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter nine of volume eleven.


While having lunch with Yukimura and Rika, the former asks Kodaka about meeting her mother, much to the latter's surprise. As he ponders on being more intimate with Yukimura in their five-month long relationship, Rika expresses her shock and ravings of discovering that Yukimura's mother is actually the renowned head game developer, Himeko Kusunoki.

Sometime later, Kodaka visits Yukimura at her multi-story mansion and meets Himeko, whom he initially mistook as Yukimura's older sister. After a brief and awkward introduction, Himeko asks Kodaka about his hair color, mistaking at as dyed. Kodaka explains to Himeko the true nature of his hair color and some of his past associated with it. Expressing her concerns over her daughter's relationship, Himeko proposes that Yukimura and Kodaka hold off sexual intimacy until after a year into their platonic relationship, to which the pair agreed.

Afterward, Himeko had Kodaka and Yukimura have a trial run on her company's latest game, Sengoku RANSE, where one of the characters was inspired by a blonde woman wearing an eye-patch who Himeko met twenty years ago and Kodaka foreshadows of knowing about.

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