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Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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The Third School Festival Discussion
Aoi Yusa

Movie is chapter 75 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter five of volume seven.


As Kobato leaves the clubroom, she heads back to the middle school division to help with her festival, and the Neighbor's Club agree on making a movie for their school festival. Yozora then volunteers to handle the script, as well as the storyline for their movie yet Sena objects, as she expects Yozora's script to be unacceptable and instead intends to write the script herself, as well as Kodaka. After both of which are retorted by their fellow club-mates, Kodaka recalls the mishap Yozora made the time they engaged in the relay novel to Rika. Seeing Kodaka's remark to be quite true, Yozora decides to hear her fellow club-mates' suggestions for the story of their movie. As Kodaka suggests no rape scenes, Yozora, shocked, retorts as she claims in letting Sena the first to suffer and die in their movie. Though most of them agreed on Yozora's remark, Sena reacts harshly. Maria then arrives in the clubroom moments later and joins the discussion.

After having their suggestions listed, much to the pleasure of those who suggested, Kodaka remarks that it's impossible for them to create a masterpiece of a movie with all their absurd story suggestions, but sadly, they were all too entranced in their discussion to notice the fact.

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