New Year
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Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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New Year is chapter 124 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter three of volume eleven.


Kodaka, Kobato and Hayato visit the Kashiwazaki estate first thing in the morning of New Year. After expressing his shock seeing Hayato again after a long time, Tenma and Stella welcome the Hasegawa family into their estate and direct them to their dining hall for a New Year's feast. Upon reaching the dining hall, Sena happily lunges at Kobato at the sight of her until she lets go of Kobato when she is greeted by Hayato, much to Sena's surprise after learning he is Kodaka's father.

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Best friends reunite.

Tenma arrives in the dining hall donning a more formal attire and apologizes to Kodaka for the punishment handed to him by his school for his actions during their Chrismas party. As Kodaka discounts the issue of his punishment, Tenma questions the latter for his choice of not dating Sena. Hayato calls Tenma out for interfering with their children's love affairs, much to Tenma's retort. With Hayato initially forgetting (and eventually remembering) then regarding his son and Tenma's daughter's prior engagement as a jest on his part, Tenma storms off from the dining hall wailing, prompting Hayato to go after and calm his best friend per Stella's request. Sena and Kodaka discuss engagements being an outdated tradition though Sena reiterates that even without their engagement, she will not give up until she gets what she wants. Tenma and Hayato soon return to the dining hall. 

As the Hasegawa family leave the estate, Stella approaches Kodaka and asks about his experience of having a girlfriend. Having no concrete answer as he has yet to experience anything, Kodaka asks Stella about her having a lover. Stella mentions having marriage in mind, then returning to England to assist with her mother's business, but not before finding a successor to the steward position for the Kashiwazaki estate. As Stella jests about Kodaka having the steward position if he were to enter the Kashiwazaki family by dating Sena, she remarks that finding a successor is difficult.

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