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Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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Nickname (ニックネーム, Nikkunēmu) is chapter 105 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume nine.


Arriving in the clubroom, Kodaka is greeted by an overly satisfied Maria, who then tells him about the delectable meal she received from the latter. Kodaka genuinely apologizes to Maria for being absent in the clubroom for the past few days. As Maria accepts Kodaka's apology, Maria asks Kodaka about Kobato's absence from the club and Kodaka reassures her that his little sister would be returning to the club soon, much to Maria and Sena's excitement. While contemplating over Sena's behavior, Kodaka takes notice of Yukimura's feminine outfit which Aoi had recommended for Yukimura as she confirms her friendship with the former, hence their nickname calling. Yukimura explains that their friendship took place when the two took an "oath" of improving their femininity. As a response to Yukimura's nickname calling to her friend Aoi, Rika asks Yukimura if she considers her as a friend despite not having a nickname of her own. Due to Rika's low voice, Yukimura fails to answer, resulting in Rika mumbling to herself about how others - excluding Kodaka - fail to see her as a friend. 

Hours later, in the midst of their usual modus vivendi, Kodaka receives word from Kobato that she won't be attending the club and Sena decides to head home due to this, followed by Yukimura who was going to meet up with Aoi. Afterward, Maria decides to head home as well while Kodaka and Rika decide to wait and chat by a station bench. While feeling somewhat depressed towards Yukimura and Aoi's close relationship, Rika suggests that she and Kodaka should call each other by nicknames. While going through several suggestions ranging from shortening their surnames to sexual preferences, Kodaka comes up by calling each other casually and with no honorifics. Rika decides to start casually calling Kodaka by his first name and due to the embarrassment, will only apply whenever the two are alone. Once it was agreed upon, the two return to their respective homes.

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