Nine Lives Breaker

Nine Lives Breaker

Item Information
Users Rika Shiguma
Novel Debut Chapter 98
Anime Debut NEXT Episode 12

The Nine Lives Breaker is a device in the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. It consists of multiple floating metal balls and a pair of cat ears. It is based on an attack used by Shenhua in a Kurogane no Necromancer video game.


Nine Lives Breaker

The toy ears used with the device.

As the name implies, the device is comprised of nine small metallic balls controllable via remote paired with a hair-crown designed with cat ears which react to the user's brain waves.

In the anime adaptation, Rika was shown using more than nine metal projectiles.


The user places a pair of fake toy cat-ears on their head; this is just a feint to trick the opponent into thinking the user controls the balls with them. Using a concealed remote, the user can control the numerous metal projectiles simultaneously to do their bidding, such as levitation or directing it to a certain target. As such, it can be used for intimidation or to inflict pain on others.


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