Noel Redfield


Noeru Reddofīrudo
Character Information
Gender Female
  • Student Council President (formerly)
  • Founder of a successful investment company
School St. Chronica's Academy (former)
Novel Debut The Wings of Beginning

Character OverviewEdit

Noel Redfield (???, Reddofīrudo Noeru) is a supporting character of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series.


Noel is a fair-skinned woman with neck-length blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She also has a curvaceous and busty figure. She wore a revealing red dress with a matching red flower hair clip at one point.


Noel is generally a very caring and sociable person. She tends to look after Airi despite her shyness and antics and was willing to come to a mixer Tenma had planned out for them. Tenma also noted that she was very energetic, athletic as well as intellectually gifted, easily making her popular enough to be voted as St. Chronica's Academy's student council president at the time. 

Noel also values the enjoyment to be had as youths as she wanted to create an enjoyable environment for everyone if given the chance [1], an ideal that would later inspire Tenma to shift St. Chronica's Academy's long-running reputation as a notably strict missionary school to that of lax, co-ed one.


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