Opening Act
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Opening Act (法律を開く, Horichu-shiraku) is chapter 89 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter two of volume eight.


After the announcement of their now-finished athletics festival, Kodaka heads to the Neighbor's Club room and congratulates Sena on the win of her class. As Sena brags about her accomplishments after being praised by Kodaka and Yukimura respectively, Yozora criticizes Sena for not having learned on her past mistakes during their last year's school festival of undermining her fellow female classmates during events, thus increasing their existing hatred towards Sena. As Sena explains to Yozora that it's her class' and opponents' fault for not taking the athletics festival seriously, Sena remarks that it would be enjoyable if Yozora had participated in a number of events. As Yozora denies the latter, Yukimura states that a battle between Sena and Yozora would be a historical one, much to Kodaka and Sena's agreement. After reluctantly considering on joining some events on their next athletics festival, Yozora expresses her eagerness to watch the finished version of their film for the cultural festival, which her fellow clubmates are also excited about. As Sena wonders on when Rika will arrive in the clubroom, Yozora receives a text from Rika telling her club-mates to go home ahead as she promises to present to them their movie by the next day. Still reluctant on leaving, Yozora and Sena were reassured by Kodaka as he stated that Rika can handle the editing herself, much to his clubmate's agreement. As Kodaka leaves the academy, he contemplates that now he can feel at ease that he won't have to talk to Rika all the while pretending not to feel relieved about the latter.


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