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Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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Perch is chapter 104 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume nine.


After dismissal, Kodaka decides to head to the Student Council room to inform its members that he will no longer be able to assist them daily due to his club's activities restarting. After being teased by Hinata about Aoi being naked, Kodaka enters the room seeing president Hinata, treasurer Aoi, secretary Karin and vice-president Akane present. Kodaka, apologizing for ditching his work, was bewildered when he heard from Aoi that Yukimura was able to fill in for his absence and Aoi's affectionate manner of addressing the former ("Yukki"). Afterward, Kodaka informs the members of his intentions of not being able to assist the council daily from then onward due to his club which the members were able to fathom, albeit disappointed. After being reassured that he would always be willing to lend a hand to the council - much to Hinata's joy - the latter asks Kodaka if he will come alongside with them on a preliminary inspection on a ski resort. Surprised that he was being invited to join, Akane retorts at Hinata insisting on Kodaka to come deducing that the latter may have plans, which Kodaka denies and thus agrees to partake on the trip. Glancing at Karin, Kodaka sees her as the only one indifferent to the whole situation as he sees her typing on a laptop while concluding that his relationship with the Student Council won't waver easily.


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