Prologue: Farewell
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Prologue: Farewell is chapter 24 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter one of volume three.


Back when he was still a first grader, Kodaka was told by his father that they were going to move to a distant town in two weeks. Kodaka then noted that it was his first time moving out, which was followed by several more, one of the downfalls of having their dad as an archeologist, but by then, Kodaka's mother had already died soon after giving birth to Kobato. So their father decided to dedicate himself to raising his two children. Though, as they began to move out again, causing Kodaka to transfer schools often, the latter would always have this half-hearted expression as he is used to the repeating situation, but admitted that leaving a friend is painful for his part. By then, he only had one friend which he considered to be his only best friend, as they would usually spend time and play together after school.

Meanwhile, as Kodaka was unable to tell his only friend about him moving out of the city, he and his friend made a promise about having something important to tell each other. Yet, the next day, his friend wasn't able to come, and he left the city without saying goodbye to his only friend, a bitter memory which Kodaka hasn't completely forgotten even after ten years but recalled the events of that day on the day after Kodaka's summer break, being his second year as a high school student.

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