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Reach is chapter 113 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter one of volume ten.


While recalling Pegasus' words, Kodaka asks Hinata to let him 'save' Yozora. Unable to be taken seriously, Hinata starts to walk away but Kodaka calls out to her once again. Hinata asks Kodaka about his relationship with Yozora. With Kodaka stating that he has no direct relationship with Yozora for the time being, Hinata tells Kodaka to stay out of their feud. Insistent, Kodaka refuses and Hinata, albeit labeling Kodaka as meddlesome, entrusts Yozora to him.

At his wit's end, Kodaka calls Rika for consultation. After apologizing for their recent act at the mixed bathhouse, Kodaka and Rika discuss Yozora. With Kodaka mentioning the strained relationship Yozora has towards her parents, Rika shrugs it off as something of a common, inevitable issue, much to Kodaka's bewilderment. Rika then explains that she also has a troubled relationship with her parents, but immediately shuts off the topic in an attempt to not further dwell on it and instead states that she is against meddling with other people's family issues without consent. Mentioning Yozora getting along with her sister, Kodaka reveals to Rika about Hinata being Yozora's older sister, much to her surprise. Agreeing on reconciling both sisters, Kodaka and Rika decide what methodology to use in doing so. Taking advantage of their time in the resort, Kodaka proposes that the sisters should bond in the remaining time of their trip through a joint game between the Neighbor's Club and the Student Council. As Kodaka feels bothered by Rika's half-hearted agreement to his plan, Rika recalls Hinata's bold method of bonding dubbed 'nude socializing' while they were in the baths, and immediately ends the subject as their discussion further ties into their recent fiasco at the mixed bathhouse. Afterward, Kodaka concludes that his plan requires in bringing both the Neighbor's Club and the Student Council together but does not know how to be the playmaker without the right tools.

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