Reflection: Prayers and Shouts
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Chapter 1
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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Reflection: Prayers and Shouts is chapter 88 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter one of volume eight.


When Kodaka leaves Rika and heads back down to the track, he reminisces about his first meeting with her as well as narrating about a hypothetical person who has bad luck and that fate was simply against him. Continuing, Kodaka notes every what-if situations about his father, himself, and the members of the Neighbor's Club, concerned about their fates if ever a different situation might occur - which he thought as a miracle and that fate may have made a mistake, and no matter what happens, it was a place where he'd truly belong and suddenly, all of it fell unto him. As Kodaka notes that "that" person may have worked hard to achieve that, he tells that; what moving on from that point would mean to that person - and why it would be so terrifying - as he tries to imagine it.

Reminiscing about his first meeting with Rika, Kodaka notes down his thoughts about infirmary students and later learns that "science lab students" (most notably Rika), are far different than infirmary students. Afterward, Kodaka remarks that he couldn't care less if outcasts such as himself, and the others, would attain a few miracles, and if he is wrong on the thought that not allowing people to be weak or dependent is the right thing to do.

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