Romancing Saga
Romanshingu Saga
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Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 2
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Romancing Saga (ロマンシング佐賀, Romanshingu Saga) is chapter 18 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume two.


Arriving in the club-room, Kodaka was eventually informed by Maria that she was rewarded by Yozora with some potato chips in exchange of Maria providing the Neighbor's Club with some good budgeting, much to Kodaka's dismay. After Yozora flung insults on Sena's game, Sena unwittingly declared that Yozora should just stay in the game world. Upon hearing, Yozora immediately directs her gaze towards Sena with disgust as Sena tries to cover up her previous announcement.

Knowing her interest in games, Rika, who helps in game development, brought to the Neighbor's Club head-mounted displays, purposely made for realistic gaming, and the Neighbor's Club agreed in testing a game (which is still in beta) which will be released exclusively for the headsets on the day of its release.

Skipping the ludicrous introduction, the Neighbor's Club were given the choice of choosing their class for their characters. Kodaka went with "Wizard", which is actually a title of some internet legend and is powerless. While Rika went with "Gunner", Sena went with "Blacksmith", Yozora went with "Rose girl", and Yukimura went with "Samurai". Seeing there's no healer for their party, Rika came to check at Maria and founds her asleep, but nonetheless, they proceeded to their destination: the Demon King's Valhalla Castle. On their way there, they found themselves faced with Warasubo soldiers. As they mercilessly slaughter all the Warasubo soldiers that get in their way, Kodaka was in distraught as he witnessed one of his favorite seafood dishes back in his days Kyuushuu being brutally massacred.

Reaching Valhalla Castle, they were immediately faced by the Demon King, which is also a Warasubo. As Sena clashed with the Demon King, she was killed in the process as Yozora failed to protect her as she meant for Sena to die in the game. Afterward, Yozora was killed when she was tickled by Sena outside the game. Yukimura and Rika eventually die, and as Kodaka was faced with the Demon King alone, he unlocked a new skill which is considered to be his strongest but was killed also by the Demon King in the process, causing a game over.

Removing the headset, he instantly found both Sena and Yozora bickering at each other as Kodaka made a remark to Rika to avoid playing games with her fellow female seniors in the club. But Rika claimed that she founds her play-through amusing, considering it was her first time doing so with other people. In the ensuing argument between Sena and Yozora, Rika claimed that the yell Yozora made after being tickled was cute, causing Yozora to get embarrassed as Sena got upset after Kodaka agreed on Rika's remark.


  • This chapter has an English name given kanji that somewhat match the pronunciation.
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