Ryugu Land

Ryugu Land Haganai

Location Tooya City
Novel Debut Swimming Pool
Anime Debut Episode 3

Ryugu Land (lit. "Sea God's Palace Land") is an elegant building with a dome roof, and aside from the swimming pool, there's a boxing room and a supermarket. The entry fee is also rather cheap after the discounted student-price. Sena mentions that the pool facility is on the verge of bankruptcy and that hardly anyone goes there. Otohime and Princess Lunch are two of the food shops by the pool.


Sena mentions that the last time the Mayor visited the facility, he and her father discussed how many more years it could last due to its low income.

Plot OverviewEdit

Kodaka Hasegawa and Sena Kashiwazaki decide to go here for swimming lessons since Sena can't swim. On Sunday, they meet up and Kodaka begins giving Sena her lessons. Due to Sena being quick to learn, she grasps how to swim quite quickly. Later, Kodaka and Sena sit down for lunch and discuss the status of the pool.[1]

Sometime later, in the Neighbor's Clubroom, Sena is playing a pool related game where she ends up getting a bad ending. Afterward, she says that she'd kill to go to a pool right now to which Kobato agrees. Sena accidentally brings up Ryugu land and her visit there with Kodaka, but he cuts her off before she can reveal too much. Kodaka says that they should all go there as a club activity. Yozora agrees and they head off to the park, having to make it through a huge amount of people who are also going to the park due to the August summer sale. Finally arriving inside, the club members change into their swimsuits and head to the swimming area. Kodaka asks Sena and Kobato where Rika and Yozora are, and she says they'll be out after they've settled in from their trip. The club members complain about all the people and Kodaka says that they should head to the lazy river and the water slide when the girls come out. Sena goes to look for Yozora and Rika and runs back to Kodaka saying that they told her they're going home. Kodaka and Sena run after them but they've already gotten onto the bus. Yukimura and Kobato head out as well, asking if they should just all head home as well. Kodaka says yeah and they leave.[2]

The following year, sometime around August, Kodaka took his now girlfriend, Yukimura, to the park. Kodaka was surprised that it still hadn't gone bankrupt, but he assumes it's because of the previous year's increased profit due to the discounted tickets.[3]


  • There is another food shop seen at the pool facility though only part of its name can be seen. That being, amatebako.



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