Saint VS Vampire
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Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Sealing Technique, Release!

Saint VS Vampire is chapter 29 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume three.


The day after Kobato changed into her lighter clothes, Kodaka along with Kobato, came into the club-room. Upon their entrance, Kodaka was instantly welcomed by a hug from Maria and came to inform him about Yukimura's meals to her, which she considered to be splendid. Surprised by this, Kodaka snarked at Yukimura for taking his request to the extremes.

Maria: "I prayed to God, that God would kick the crap out of this cross-dressing freak that time he made me eat that weird food that tasted like medicine, but now it's different! Thank you, Yukimura!"

In hearing Maria's thanks, Yukimura told her to thank Kodaka instead. As Maria did so, adding that she loves Kodaka, Kobato separated Maria from Kodaka straightaway. As Maria turned to face the one who separated her from Kodaka, she was then confused and hadn't been able to recognize Kobato in her new set of clothes. After introducing herself, Kobato and Maria began to quarrel with one another until Kobato bit her arm out of retaliation. Thinking she will turn into a vampire, Yozora fooled Maria into bathing herself with sunlight while being naked, and Maria agreed to do so and hurriedly left the club-room.

Sena:"... You're seriously evil... Although I do worry about Maria being naive too."

Afterwards, Sena came to approach Kobato and harassed her into becoming her little sister. At the same time, Rika approached Kobato and asked her about the kind of panties she's wearing. As Kobato, terrified, held onto her brother, Yozora silenced both Sena and Rika with her flyswatter.

Later, in heading home, the rest of the Neighbor's Club then saw Maria in the chapel's detention room sitting in seiza-style as she wore a sign around her neck that read: "I performed a lewd act. I'm sorry".

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