School Nurse

Haganai nurse

Character Information
Gender Female
Job Nurse
Novel Debut Rika Shiguma
Manga Debut Qualia

Character OverviewEdit

She a nurse at St. Chronica's Academy and one of the few people that Rika Shiguma speaks to.


Tenma Kashiwazaki, St. Chronica's chairman, told her about Rika in the past. From there on, Rika often visited the nurse's office where she would chat with the nurse.


She has short, dark-colored hair and typically wears a nurse's uniform while working.


She's a kind and caring individual. She cares for Rika but doesn't quite enjoy her unique behavior. According to Rika, she's generally a kind person, though, she tends to unconsciously assume her subjective views are objectively true. She tries to keep away from things she considers as "not normal". Because of this, Rika came to the conclusion that she genuinely cares about her.

Plot OverviewEdit

She first appears when Kodaka Hasegawa brings Rika Shiguma to the nurse's office after an explosion occurs. She takes care of Rika and checks on her when she awakes. Rika asks if she recalls who brought her to the nurse's office, and the nurse describes Kodaka as a delinquent-like boy with dyed hair. She asks Rika if he did anything to her and she answers no. Rika then leaves the office.

Later, she appears during another one of Rika's visits to the nurse's office. She tells Rika that she's been looking into Kodaka for her and tells her that he isn't actually a delinquent. Rika apologizes as she may be the one assuming her subjective opinions had to be true. The nurse says that Rika has changed for the better.

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