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Chapter 18
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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The Star and the Sun
Receiving light from the back

Smile is chapter 139 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eighteen of volume eleven.


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Kobato and Maria hugging.

Following the end-of-term exams and a short holiday break, only a few days had passed since the start of the new semester. Kodaka was sitting at the bus stop with Maria, awaiting Kobato's arrival. The results for the middle school's end-of-term exams should be released today. It was required that, for Kobato to pass and graduate to high school, she must not have failed any of her subjects, and of those subjects, she must have scored above average in at least three of them. Kobato passed these requirements during the previous testing, so all she needs now is for one of her tests to receive an above-average grade. In order to find out the results in person, Kodaka decided to wait for her at the bus stop. Maria, while tossing in insults, openly hopes that Kobato did well and passed her exams. Maria had been pacing worriedly for some time now. Kodaka tells her to settle down and have faith in Kobato, but Maria replies that she isn't very smart. Kodaka says that she should then have faith in herself, since she was the one responsible for Kobato's tutoring. This causes Maria to drop the greater majority of her anxiety over Kobato, but Kodaka was still worried himself. The bus carrying Kobato finally arrives. She steps off and opens her arms wide with a smile on her face, signifying her passing her exams. Maria jumps into her arms and the two of them hug. Kodaka would never forget the smile on Kobato's face after getting off the bus.

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