Something He's Known For a Long, Long Time Now
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Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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A Fourteen-Year-Old Morning
The Third School Festival Discussion

Something He's Known For a Long, Long Time Now is chapter 73 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter three of volume seven.


At the clubroom, before they begin with their discussion about their plans for the school festival, Kodaka interrupted and thanked his fellow club-mates for the birthday party they prepared and the gifts they presented to Kobato, which made the latter happy and informed them about the liking Kobato showed towards their gifts, which made them pleased by the fact. After Kodaka thanked his clubmates numerous times, Sena found his thanks to be embarrassing as she blushed when Kodaka specifically thanked the latter for being the one who wanted to throw Kobato the birthday party in the first place. After Sena threw a few tsundere lines at Kodaka, Yozora added by declaring that she agreed that birthday parties are enjoyable and that they should strive to make friends who they can have birthday parties with. As the rest proudly agreed on Yozora's remark, Rika silently stared at Kodaka as he waited for her response and Rika instead stood up as she happily declared to Kodaka to give it their all at their upcoming school festival and Kodaka nodded in agreement as he thought to himself that he was unprepared; knowing of what Rika wanted to say.

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