St. Chronica's Student Council is, as the name implies, St. Chronica's Academy student council.


As with any student council, they represent the student body while working directly with their academy's teaching and management staff towards accomplishing tasks and objectives that would benefit their school and its students.

Other activities include assisting clubs and helping out during school-related festivities.

Known membersEdit

Aoi Yusa (President) Aoi Yusa Profile
Karin Jinguuji  (Vice-president) Karin Profile
Yukimura Kusunoki (Treasurer) [1] Yukimura Profile

Known former membersEdit

Noel Redfield (President) [2] Noel
Hinata Hidaka (President) [3] Hinata Hidaka Profile
Akane Ohmoto  (Vice-president) [4] Akane pp


  • Before gaining their current position in the council, Aoi was formerly a treasurer and Karin a secretary under Hinata Hidaka's reign as president.
  • Hinata once mentioned that the council had a business manager but this individual left the position. [5]


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