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Reddofīrudo Sutera
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 22
Job Steward
Japanese Voice Ryōka Yuzuki
English Voice Caitlin Glass
Novel Debut A Visit to Kashiwazaki's Abode
Anime Debut Episode 6


While initially wanting to introduce Noel Redfield to his friend Hayato Hasegawa during high school, Stella's biological father Tenma became more intimate with Noel while he himself was already engaged to his fiance (later Sena's mother). Noel is an exchange student from England. After they parted away, Noel was already impregnated with Stella but neither of the two were aware of this. Tenma later married his fiance. After Noel discovered her pregnancy, she went against her family's wishes and chose to keep Stella, causing her to be disowned and having to give up her dream to raise Stella.

Even sans a father figure, Stella lived a happy childhood.[1] She self-studied and graduated university at the mere age of 14, it was around the same time Noel was remarried. Wanting to meet her actual father, she did research behind Noel's back and found her way into Japan, and then into the Kashiwazaki household. It was there that she met Sena, her half-sister. Stella chose to keep her birth truth a secret from Sena and her mother. It wasn't long before the original butler had to retire from his old age, and Stella decided to take over and look after Sena.


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