Summer Festival
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Chapter 13
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Epilogue: Reunion

Summer festival is chapter 36 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter thirteen of volume three.


At the clubroom, Yozora casually informs her club-mates about a summer festival being held in the city's shopping district by the shrine. With nothing to add Sena remarks that she thought of going to that festival together as Yozora and Rika reject; both being uncomfortable with crowds. After conversing with Rika, Sena coyly asks Kodaka if ever there will be any takoyaki stands by the festival, claiming she is fond of them. Affirming Sena's question, Kodaka states his love for takoyaki as both Kobato and Maria also desire to eat takoyaki and Kodaka concludes by saying they are going to the festival as a group of five (with Yukimura) until both Yozora and Rika also decide to join for the takoyaki.

The next day, arriving at their meet up place, Kodaka compliment Rika (who was wearing a yukata and with her hair freely hanging on her back) on her looks, causing the latter to blush. While waiting for Sena, Yozora declares that they are leaving without her until Sena shows up, annoyed by Yozora's declaration. While Kodaka was captivated by Sena's appearance (wearing a yukata), Yozora slaps Kodaka on the back and quickly walks away as the rest follow her.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai v03 image 3

The Neighbor's Club in their festival attire.

Seeing Kobato, not in a yukata, Sena, Kodaka, and Kobato go to rent a yukata by a store (under Sena's command). After donning on their yukatas; as Sena ogled over Kobato, Sena criticizes Kodaka's appearance, mainly pointing out his dirty-blond hair. As Kodaka explains to Sena the reason why he could not dye his hair; due to it being the only link between him and his deceased mother, Sena remarks to Kodaka that he is different from all the other males.

Arriving at the shrine, Kodaka instantly finds Maria eating numerous snacks as the rest also continue to dine on their food. After eating, Yozora and Rika intend to go home as they had already finished what they came for (takoyaki). Flurried, Sena challenges Yozora in competing with her at some games by the festival. While insulting Sena, Yozora agreed.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai v03 image 13

Yozora lighting the fireworks.

As Sena and Yozora compete, the rest stroll and frolick around the festival. After winning several prices, Sena and Yozora call off their competition. After returning the yukatas, the Neighbor's Club decides to light some fireworks as they wait for Stella, the steward of the Kashiwazaki household, to come and pick them up. With most of their fireworks used, Yozora lits the final remaining firework: Last Boss, which results in the ends of her hair getting burned. Kodaka throws in a bucket of firework-contaminated water all over Yozora's hair by reflex, killing the flames. Seemingly agitated on the state she was in, Yozora leaves the rest of the Neighbor's Club at the park.

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