Swimsuit Exhibition
Mizugi Hinpyou-kai
Chapter Information
Chapter 15
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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If an Angel could become a Smile
The Melancholy of Kashiwazaki Sena

Swimsuit Exhibition (水着品評会, Mizugi Hinpyou-kai) is chapter fifteen of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter fifteen of volume one. This chapter was done by Yuu Uonuma.


The Neighbor's Club began their club activity by looking into normalfags and how whenever they go to the beach, they wear different swimsuits depending on the occasion. The activity soon turned into finding out who looked more like a normalfag. Sena speaks with utter self-satisfaction regarding her body, saying that even normalfags will be attracted to her in her swimsuit. Yozora begins teasing Sena, saying how people will be attracted to her, of course, but in a bad way. Rika assists Sena by drawing a face on her breasts and stomach, saying that plebeians will be more attracted to her this way. Rika assures Sena that this will help her flatter the plebeians while Yozora and Kobato pick fun at her. Yozora tells her to come closer as there's more she wants to add. Sena shrieks out, asking if this will really make her popular at the beach. Yozora says that it certainly will, and Sena responds by saying that they should do it as well then. Yozora, Rika and Yukimura all pass saying that it's embarrassing. Sena gets angry, and Kodaka tells her to calm down, but she attacks Yozora, Rika and Kodaka, drawing faces on them. Maria and Kobato latch on to Kodaka in admiration. Rika says that she'll make his belly art look more, "art-like". The new art shocks the other members. The Neighbor's Club concluded that plebeians aren't into belly art.

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