Taka boy

Character Information
Gender Male
Age Child
Japanese Voice Tomoko Nakamura
English Voice Trina Nishimura
Anime Debut Episode 6

Character OverviewEdit

Taka (???, Taka) is a young boy that appeared in Episode 6.


Taka has a short crop of black hair. He wears a light-blue t-shirt, a pair of white pants and a pair of green shoes.


From what has been seen, he appears to be a normal child who enjoys playing.

Plot OverviewEdit

While on his way to a Karaoke Box with the Neighbor's Club, Kodaka Hasegawa sees Taka and his friend playing at a park across the street. Taka's friend shouts Taka's name which causes Kodaka to think about his past with Yozora Mikazuki.

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