Telephone Shocking
Chapter Information
Chapter 12
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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Rose-Colored youth?
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Loner's Achievement

Telephone Shocking (テレフォンショッキング) is chapter twelve of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter twelve of volume one. This chapter was done by Kei Toru.


Yozora and Kodaka walk up to Sena, who has acquired food for them. The two question the act while she plays on her cell phone. Sena tells them to be grateful and Yozora teases her. Sena says that her email friend told her about delicious new products that released. The two question her apparent generosity and how she came to obtain the food but are interrupted with thoughts about how she has an email friend. Yozora starts to mess with Sena, asking if it's a dating site, and they fight. Yozora continues to tease Sena about dating sites and explains what happens when you sign up for one. Sena sticks her phone in Yozora's face saying she can check for herself if she doesn't believe her, and Yozora hits the phone away calling it filthy. Rika walks into the clubroom, asking about the vibrating toy (cell phone). Sena storms off, saying she shouldn't have to take this abuse when she's the one treating them to lunch. Kodaka tells Yozora to apologize later and she says she will. They notice that Sena had left her phone behind, and they decide to take a look at this "email friend". Her email is full of nothing but automated messages from magazine sites.

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