The Consolation Prize of Falling in Love with Love
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Chapter 7
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!
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Afterschool Club Maria
Super Little Girl War

Dash☆7: The Consolation Prize of Falling in Love with Love is chapter seven of the spin-off manga Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!.


Sena Kashiwazaki and Yozora Mikazuki are seen in the Neighbor's Club clubroom arguing over arbitrary things. Yozora brings up how abnormal Sena's games are and Sena asks if it's abnormal to fall in love. Yozora states that it is and then asks if she's ever fallen in love. Their arguing turns to fighting as Sena comes to the conclusion that Yozora has never fallen in love. Sena suggests that she and Yozora have a "girl talk" or in other words, a "love talk". Sena asks Yozora what type of guys she's into to which she says she has no interest in them.

Sena goes off describing more romantic things and Yozora says she feels sick and asks to go to the bathroom. Sena calls her rude and asks what she would do with her boyfriend. Yozora says she'll say at the same time as Sena. Yozora tricks her by not saying anything. Sena says that she would kiss him and gets upset that Yozora tricked her. The two continue to argue, after which Sena suddenly tried to kiss Yozora to prove to her the importance of "romantic stuff" and they spot Rika Shiguma who was hiding. Rika mentions how this is her first time seeing actual yuri and teasing them, suggesting how small their romantic experience is. Kodaka Hasegawa walks into the room and Rika attempts to attach herself to him though it fails.

The next day, Yozora is in the clubroom by herself reading a book. She assumes no one will show up and decides to go home. She receives a message on her phone from Kodaka. He apologizes for being late. Knowing that Kodaka is on his way delights Yozora and she scolds herself for getting so worked up over him coming. Kodaka shows and Yozora recalls her "girl talk" with Sena. She gets flustered and decides to go home. Whilst outside, Yozora asks Kodaka to walk home with her.

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