The Fall of Yozora Mikazuki
Chapter Information
Chapter 14
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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My Fiancée and Childhood Friend Are At Each Other's Throats?
In The Rika Room

The Fall of Yozora Mikazuki is chapter 84 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter fourteen of volume seven.


After filming, Kodaka later stumbles upon Kate as the latter then apologizes to Kodaka for the recent troubles. Kate informs Kodaka that aside from her, there are also other personnel from their school (notably teachers) and students who knew about his and Sena's engagement, much to Kodaka's dismay towards Pegasus. Knowing the details about the Neighbor's Club movie, Kate notes its resemblance from another obscure movie and prompts Kodaka to watch it. After Kodaka watched the movie suggested to her by Kate, Kodaka discovers that their script from their movie is plagiarized, and hence, the next day, Kodaka exposes Yozora's plagiarism which resulted having her interrogated and shunned upon by the rest of her club-mates (especially Rika), and Yozora apologizes for her wrongdoing. Worried about the result of their movie, Rika plans to continue using Yozora's plagiarized script but Sena objects, as she declares that she has already planned another script for their movie if ever Yozora fails. Feeling triumphant, Sena insults Yozora for her failure in being a scriptwriter and, in a serious tone, tells Yozora to redeem herself in their next filming for her version of their movie, leaving Yozora speechless. And afterward, Sena leaves the clubroom for the polishing of her version of their movie's script as Kodaka worries for their upcoming school festival - arriving in less than two weeks.

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