The Feeding of the Little Girl
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Chapter 2
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Prologue: Farewell

The Feeding of the Little Girl is chapter 25 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter two of volume three.


On the first day of summer break, while going to school to attend the club, Kodaka thought about the hot summer temperature. (the cause of why Kobato wasn't with her brother) and pondered about whether he would attend club by wearing casually or wear his school uniform, which Kodaka came with the latter choice to wear his school uniform instead.

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Maria receiving Kodaka's meal.

Arriving in the clubroom, Kodaka was immediately greeted by Yukimura, and was questioned by Yozora, on arriving in the clubroom in his usual arrival time despite it being summer break. Knowing each and everyone's arrival time in the clubroom, Yukimura then offered "his" regular meals to Kodaka, which the latter denied on accepting. Seeing "himself" as useless in the eyes of "his" "aniki", Yukimura attempted to commit seppuku as Kodaka tried to soothe Yukimura. Meanwhile, seeing Yukimura's meals, Maria approached Kodaka and asked whether or not he was going to eat Yukimura's offerings to him. Realizing this, Kodaka asked Yukimura to make meals for Maria instead of him. Though regarding this as against of becoming a warrior, Yukimura denied as Kodaka tried to clarify to Yukimura that serving one's little sister of a master is not improper in becoming a warrior and Yukimura agreed in serving Maria in Kodaka's place.

As Maria enjoys Yukimura's meals, Kodaka realizes that "his" meals are rather unhealthy and instructs Yukimura to serve Maria healthier meals instead and Yukimura agreed on doing so.

Yozora"...Hmph, you'll be in for a lot of trouble if you let your pet dog get too used to luxuries like that."

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