The First Time
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Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
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Fortune Telling

The First Time is chapter 64 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter five of volume six.


Heading to the club-room, Yozora and Kodaka were met by a furious Sena, who was howling Yozora's name. Upon reaching the two, Sena angrily questioned Yozora on fooling her with her fake fortune telling. Though Kodaka tried to soothe Sena by telling her that it's normal to get scolded by her father by doing weird things, Sena retorted and mumbled that she was happy when his father scolded her whilst sobbing and calling Yozora an idiot numerous time. While Yozora fiddled her bangs and tried to avert herself from Sena, Kodaka convinced the two to head to the club-room.

Arriving in the club-room, Kodaka was welcomed by Kobato as Sena instantly let out a shout of joy upon seeing the latter. As Sena claimed it was her lucky day to see Kobato, Yozora sighed in relief and iterated that luck has found its way to Sena. Though agreeing with Yozora, Sena retorted on agreeing that Yozora's fake fortune telling is responsible for Kobato returning as she heard Kodaka's explanation that Kobato had finished taking her supplementary classes, and thus, she can now come back to the club-room. After their little exchange, Sena stated that she now forgives Yozora for what she's done to her, as Kodaka approached Kobato and patted the latter's head, welcoming her back in the club-room, followed by Kobato smiling at her brother.


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