The Homoge Club
Homoge Bu
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Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
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Service Time (Naked Kashiwazaki Scene Included)

The Homoge Club (ホモゲ部, Homoge Bu) is chapter 43 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume four.


Arriving at the clubroom after dismissal, Kodaka finds Rika, wearing no glasses and had semi-long hair (in contrast to her hair usually being held by a scrunchie). As she explains to Kodaka that her glasses were not necessary and were only part of fashion, she asks Kodaka for his opinion on her new look. Without realizing, Kodaka speaks out his honest (yet passionate) view of Rika's new appearance causing Yozora, Sena, and Yukimura to bash Kodaka. As Kodaka views at Rika with disdain due to her perverseness despite her new appearance - much to him ignoring her afterward - Rika decides to watch an anime movie named "Homoge Club" to console her broken heart. As Rika reveals her movie to the others, Yozora immediately throws her flyswatter at Rika by reflex. Not allowing her to show it due to the movie's obscene cover, Kodaka preaches to Yozora that it is wrong to judge someone/something by appearances alone. As such, Yozora allows Rika to show her movie to the rest, much to Rika's excitement.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai v04 Image 6

Rika preaching the fairness of people (specifically between males) doing lewd acts in the name of friendship.

After watching the movie, which ends with a gay kiss, Yozora asks Rika if it is allowed for friends to kiss. Agreeing on Yozora's question, Rika claims it is natural for friends or two men to kiss (or to have sex), much to Kodaka's dismay. As Yozora compliments Rika on her movie, thus allowing her to show her other movies of the same genre to the Neighbor's Club, Sena declares in annoyance that it is unfair for her part that her galgames and erotic games are bashed by Yozora, but not on Rika's homo anime. Yozora claims that Rika's movie represents the ultimate camaraderie between men while insulting Sena for her games which represent indecency. Yozora then challenges Sena in chanting the in-game dialogue in her game as Yozora does the same in Rika's movie, which Sena accepts. 

After Yozora nonchalantly and emotionally finishes her part in the challenge, much to Sena's annoyance, she turns to Sena to do hers, which also ends victoriously for Sena as she is able to say out loud a line from a sex scene in her game. Embarrassed, Yozora admits her defeat as both Rika and Yukimura were taken aback by Sena's perverseness, causing the latter to storm off the clubroom whilst insulting Yozora. When Sena left, Kodaka immediately turns off Sena's laptop as he finds the girl character in the game resembling his little sister.

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