The Honor of the Dejected Loser
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Chapter 9
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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The Neighbor's Club's Saga

The Honor of the Dejected Loser is chapter 107 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. it is chapter nine of volume nine.


One day inside their clubroom, the five members of the Neighbor's Club await the arrival of Kobato and Yozora. As Sena frustratingly longs for Kobato's arrival, Kobato appears at the clubroom's doors alongside Yozora. With Yozora's arrival somewhat bewildering the members of the club, Sena breaks off the silence by ridiculing Yozora for her recent actions whilst expressing her concern. When asked by Sena where Yozora was during her dejection, Yozora openly publicizes to Sena that she was staying at Kodaka and Kobato's house, detailing what she did and how she arrived at her current point, much to Sena's shock. Sena then turns to Kodaka, asking him why he hadn't informed her about Yozora's state and whereabouts despite his love for her. As Kodaka explains to Sena the situation, Yozora made a point to Sena that she has no reason to get mad as Kodaka had stayed over at her house. When Sena exclaims the normality of a person staying at another's place, Sena boasts about how Kodaka saw her naked during his time at her house. As a reply, Yozora states that Kodaka also saw her naked when taking a shower and Sena lashes back by retelling how Kodaka saw her breasts during their summer training camp. Afterward, Maria, Yukimura and Kobato joins the fray by sharing their experiences of being naked together or being seen naked by Kodaka. With the anxiety growing from their exchange, Kodaka turns to Rika for help. However, with a dissatisfied expression, Rika further worsens Kodaka's situation by adding the fact to the others how he stumbled on the Student Council members half-naked, much to the suspicion of Sena and Yozora. Maria also informs the others how her older sister, Kate reacted embarrassingly when she was spotted nude by Kodaka. As Kodaka states that she had enough of naked woman, Sena and Rika simultaneously rebuke Kodaka for his claim. Afterward, Yozora vehemently declares that she was seen masturbating by Kodaka, much to the club's surprise, excluding Maria who was clueless about the idea of masturbating. As the others react to Yozora's bizarre boasting, Yozora proudly announces to her clubmates of her lowly state, and despite the pity of her clubmates, Yozora concludes that she is done for and has nothing left to lose.


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