The Neighbor's Club's Saga
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Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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The Honor of the Dejected Loser
The First Wing: Redundant Volume ~ And the Story of the Lonely Man who was Once a Protagonist~

The Neighbor's Club's Saga is chapter 108 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume nine.


As Yozora and Kobato indulge in their video game, Rika suggests to do an activity as the Neighbor's Club - namely 'Romancing Saga' - followed by the approval of her fellow club-mates. Donning their head-mounted displays and explaining the new features and mechanics of the game, the players are obliged of choosing their class with Sena as the paladin, Yozora as the dark knight, Rika as the bald monk, Yukimura as the bold and buxom dancer, Kobato as a coffee jelly-costumed dark princess, Maria as the straightforward wizard and Kodaka as the lecherous sage. After expressing their mixed thoughts towards their class' outfits with the exception of Sena and Yozora, the party makes their way to Valhalla Castle to confront the demon king that resides within it.

On the way, the party is met with a group of very capable warasubo soldiers, in contrast to the idle ones they've encountered in their last gameplay. Nonetheless, the group was able to defeat the monsters despite some incidents of friendly fire. Making their way through more warasubo soldiers, the party eventually reaches Valhalla Castle, hence facing the evil demon king. While their barrage of attacks against the demon king seemed successful at first, Kodaka accidentally casts his 'skill' of removing his pants and exposing his genitals despite his protest. The party eventually gets distracted by the display of Kodaka's 'skill', resulting in their loss. 

Removing their headgear, the club conveys their respective reactions towards Kodaka's display of 'skill' during the game the resulted in their losses, much to Kodaka's chagrin. After expressing the nostalgia from their activity as the club, Kodaka states that they should engage in even more activities to make up for lost time, much to his club-mates agreement as they make plans for their next outing. As Yozora state their plans for the weekend, Kodaka interrupts Yozora of being occupied during the weekend of an errand which Yukimura reveals to the group as a trip to the hot springs with the Student Council, much to their surprise. As a result, Yozora declares that their club might as well go to the hot springs.


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