The Nighthawk Star
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Chapter 1
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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Father's Return

The Nighthawk Star is chapter 122 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter one of volume eleven.


Yukimura forces a kiss on Kodaka, asking him to go out with her. Kodaka stammeringly agrees, as his thoughts cloud his judgment. Eventually, Kodaka snaps back to his senses, assesses the situation, and takes back his answer from Yukimura's confession but the latter refuses to abide it. Knowing Kodaka cannot date anyone from the Neighbor's Club, Yukimura plans on resigning from the club as she snatches Kodaka's resignation letter. While not being Kodaka's preferred love interest as compared to Sena and Rika, Yukimura satiates herself in the ultimate sense that she is loved by Kodaka, despite her not being his favorite. Before he can give any definite answer, Kodaka plans in consulting with Rika first. Yukimura, already having anticipated Kodaka's aforementioned action, presents him a recording of her and Rika's prior conversation, stopping Kodaka in his tracks. The recording recounts on Yukimura informing Rika beforehand of her confession to Kodaka that then escalates into a heated argument of Rika choosing her friendship with Kodaka over love then ends with the two girls being on bad terms with one another. After playing the recording, Yukimura comments on Kodaka and Rika's like-mindedness that led them to become close friends. Kodaka ensures to treasure Rika as an important friend, acknowledging that their relationship is more than that shared between friends but still less than that of lovers. Yukimura makes an exception with Kodaka's close friendship with Rika but implies in intervening to compete for Kodaka's affection nonetheless. Defeated, Kodaka surrenders himself to Yukimura, signifying the two as official lovers.

Entering the clubroom, Kodaka is greeted by Sena and Yozora. After Kodaka discovers that his mobile phone was obliterated after being rampaged in their Christmas party, Yozora states her intention to confess her feelings to Kodaka which Sena respects as a friendly love rivalry between them. Suddenly, Yukimura barges into the clubroom, announcing her intimate relationship with Kodaka. Sena and Yozora bombard Kodaka with questions to which Kodaka explains his desire for growth and change. However, Sena and Yozora refuse to be left defeated and state their willingness to challenge Yukimura for Kodaka. Yukimura leaves the clubroom with Kodaka, who endures the thought of hurting others as he hears the sobs of the girls left inside the clubroom.

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