The Sea

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Chapter 11
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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The Sea (海, Umi) is chapter 34 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eleven of volume three.


On the day the Neighbor's Club were finally headed to Sena's private beach (training camp), the gang rode two trains and walked for an hour under the scorching sun until they've reached their destination. There, after putting down their luggage at the villa and changing into their swimwear, the Neighbor's Club went by the beach and practiced a so-called ritual by the Normals where they shout "It's the sea" and pose, which ended with embarrassing results.

Before swimming, Kodaka applied sunscreen to Kobato as Yukimura handled Kodaka's back, causing Rika to get all excited and passed out. Afterward, Sena called out to Yozora to help her apply sunscreen onto her. Throughout the process, Yozora instead used her foot and abused Sena with it after the latter noticed. Seemingly annoyed, Sena stood up with a chest full of pride leading Yozora to her downfall (literally). Without realizing, Sena was taken aback as she wasn't able to wear her upper bikini prior to standing up. Embarrassed, Sena stormed off while flinging insults at Yozora.

That late afternoon, knowing none of them had a knack in cooking, Kodaka was left to cook dinner for his club-mates as Rika and Yozora shared to him about their troublesome and lonesome past in their Home Economic classes. With Sena nowhere to be found, Kodaka searched for her and found the latter by the front door - still in her swimsuit. As Sena asked Kodaka if he witnessed her incident earlier that day, Kodaka reasoned with Sena that he paid no attention to it as he was busy applying sunscreen to his little sister. Reassured, Sena believed in Kodaka's story as she blushed.


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