The Second Time
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Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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The Second Time is chapter 80 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume seven.


At the club-room, Yozora presents to her fellow club-mates the new and revised script for their movie. When Yozora calls out to them to begin filming, Kodaka and Sena complain as they found the story in the script to be different than its original version; which Yozora biases both her and Kodaka's role. Asking for the reason, Yozora approves Sena's question of it being based on their past friendship. Irritated, Sena bluntly remarks that Yozora's and Kodaka's past friendship being extraneous and Yozora reacts harshly, to the point where she shed tears and wishes for Sena to never exist, and ultimately storming out of the club-room. When Yozora was out, Sena states that though she hates Yozora, she never once thought of things would turn out better without her before leaving the club-room, and not long after, Kodaka and the rest follow.

Outside, Kodaka stumbles upon Yozora, who was heading back to the clubroom to retrieve her bag. When asked to whom in the movie should be friends, Kodaka infers that what's important is the movie being interesting and Yozora murmurs that she should be childhood friends with Kodaka. When asked about what she just said, Yozora questions Kodaka on which of their past friendship or the present is more important. Seeing it as a hard question, Yozora describes Kodaka as irresolute and Kodaka then asks her the latter question. When Yozora answers that their past friendship is more important, Kodaka questions Yozora if the present isn't important to her yet Yozora iterates of it being a hard question. Afterward, Kodaka heads home as Yozora returns to the club-room.

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