The Silent Phone
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Chapter 4
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Sealing Technique, Release!

The Silent Phone is chapter 27 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter four of volume three.


On the third day of summer break, Kodaka, upon arriving in the club-room, asked why the others (Sena, Yozora, Rika) why they hadn't visited the club-room the day before. Answering Kodaka's question, they claimed that they've been hectic the day before and thus, wasn't able to come to the club-room. Afterwards, as Sena was preaching Kodaka the beauty of her galgame, Kodaka then suggested to the Neighbor's Club on ways of communicating with each other. As they run out of options (which include BBS and nixi), Rika suggested that they should instead use their cell phones. Surprised, Kodaka and Yozora praised Rika for her idea. As they exchange e-mail addresses, Kodaka and Yozora was astonished by the advancement of cellphones and instead decided to manually enter their e-mail addresses with one another as they found using infrared quite difficult.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai v03 image 5

Kodaka and Yozora amazed by Rika's idea of using cellphones.

After entering their e-mail addresses, Kodaka and Yozora were amazed at what they've accomplished much to Sena's annoyance. As Kodaka approached Sena to exchange e-mail addresses with her, Sena revealed that she does not own a cellphone and claimed that she has no need of one. Yozora then made a call to Kodaka and told him to save her number all the while insulting Sena indirectly as they continued talking with each other in their cellphones. Annoyed by this, Sena shouted insults at Yozora through Kodaka's cellphone and left the club-room in tears.

Kodaka: (referring to Yozora) "You really know exactly what to do to piss Sena off, don't you..?"

At his home, Kodaka continuously opened his cellphone as he was impressed by the development of his contact list, which doubled in a day. That night, Sena made a call to Kodaka asking him about the make and model of his cellphone.

The next day, while riding the bus to school, Kodaka received prank messages from Rika who she claimed to be being raped by Yozora, much to Kodaka's nuisance. Arriving in the club-room, Yozora warned Kodaka about Rika's pervertedness as Yukimura offered Kodaka cups of tea with rising temperature. Afterwards, Sena arrived on the club-room and showed her newly-bought cellphone to everyone. After exchanging e-mail addresses with Kodaka, Sena approached Yozora to exchange with hers. Neglecting her request, Yozora told Sena to prove herself first if she wishes to acquire her e-mail address. Agitated, Sena left the club-room. Moments later, Sena texted Kodaka on giving her Yozora's address so that she can spam her. Seeing this, Yozora asked Kodaka to give her Sena's address. Later, Sena returned to the club-room claiming she was being spammed from an unknown address.

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