The Terrible Brother
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Chapter 3
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!
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We think, therefore we are Meat 
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Dash☆3: The Terrible Brother ε===\(・∀・)/  is chapter three of the spin-off manga Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!.


The chapter opens showing Kobato ranting in her "vampire" form. The narrator holds a microphone up to the Neighbor's Club's members while they are outside (excluding Kobato) and asks them what they think of Kobato. Yozora answers saying she is nothing more then Kodaka's little sister, Sena hearing Kobato's name begins to drool thinking about her, Maria says she is a "Poopy Vampire", Yukimura diverts the topic saying Kodaka is the manliest of all men and Rika mentions her liking of Kurogane no Necromancer. Kodaka pondering, says that she is his cute little sister.

Later at the Hasegawa Residence, Kobato awakes to find a note saying Kodaka has left. She proceeds to eat a meal Kodaka made for her in advance. Kobato, thinking this isn't enough, runs to Kodaka's room switching to her "Vampire" form, and grasps one of Kodaka's shirts saying its a holy relic. She states that a "Summoning Ritual" shall commence and pulls her clothes off, putting on Kodaka's shirt. Knocks can be heard coming from the door to which Kodaka walks in with Sena asking how long its going to take to get what he forgot. Kobato, embarrassed thinking that she summoned Kodaka runs off pulling the shirt off. Kodaka not knowing what he did wrong pleads with Kobato to come out of the room. He then pretends as if he didn't hear her and she leaves the room hugging him in the process. She whines to him saying that he always says he doesn't hear things when he does. Kodaka embraces her after she says she was lonely. Kodaka's cell phone rings. Answering it, Kodaka is scolded by Sena for taking to long and he says he has other important things to take care of. Kodaka tells Kobato to go watch t.v. while he prepares some food to which Kobato says she'll help cook today.

The narrator then asks Kobato what she thinks of Kodaka. She says that he is her clansmen and that she loves him.

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