The Third School Festival Discussion
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Chapter 4
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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Something He's Known For a Long, Long Time Now

The Third School Festival Discussion is chapter 74 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter four of volume seven.


Arriving in the clubroom moments later, Kobato timidly thanked her club-mates for the birthday party and the gifts she received. In response to her thanks, Sena immediately went mental as she intended to lick Kobato, but was silenced by Yozora with her flyswatter. 

Continuing their discussion about their upcoming school festival, Sena again suggested the maid cafe, and as Yozora retorted back at her, Sena mentioned animal cafes, which left Yozora fascinated when Rika mentioned the existence of cat cafes. Yukimura then suggested a Sengoku Era Generals cafe which was left undecided when Rika continued to preach to her fellow club-mates about the existence of the many types of cafes. When Yozora came up with a friends cafe, her fellow club-mates reprimanded her for the idea being too irritating for its customers and Yozora agreed on their remark; leaving the friend cafe idea aside. Sena suggested having a haunted house as the rest were taken aback and were quite frightened by Sena coming up with a good idea though Kodaka pointed out to the latter that a haunted house would be impossible in the case of their clubroom size and lack of people and with the use of Sena's wealth and Rika's ideas, the haunted house was added to the suggestion board along with "Cafe" and "Fortune Telling Booth".

After one full hour, the Neighbor's Club came up with a few more ideas while the "Display" and the "Comedy Show", were disbanded from the group of suggestions, leaving Kodaka dismayed as his idea of having a comedy show was erased. Later on, Kobato revealed that her class was doing a movie for their school festival and were taken aback, knowing Kobato's the lead role after Kodaka pressed her younger sister for the answers with food. Though reluctant at first, Kodaka persuaded his younger sister to accept the role she was assigned and Kobato agreed as her brother patted her on the head.

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