The Time When I Held Your Hand
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Chapter 1
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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The End of the Prologue/The Day Kodaka Hasegawa Became a Protagonist
Kodaka Hasegawa's Life Counseling

The Time When I Held Your Hand is chapter 99 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter one of volume nine.


Kodaka monologues the time he learned the kanji character for "friend"; where there is a diagram showing the kanji character that resembles two hands holding onto each other. Kodaka compares the diagram to his current situation where he became friends with Rika. But prior to that which the two had a fight for their emotions of the Neighbor's Club. At the end of their fight, Rika helps Kodaka stand up with their hands holding onto one another - similar to that of the kanji character for "friend" - as Kodaka concludes that he and Rika did become true friends.

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