The Wings of Beginning
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Chapter 3
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai CONNECT
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The Wings of Beginning is chapter three of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai spin-off, Haganai CONNECT. It is chapter three of volume one.


Pegasus Kashiwazaki, a high-school prodigy coming from noble descent and a student at Uguisuyama Private High School, is taking a bath along with Hayato Hasegawa, a carefree yet friendly classmate of his. After having random conversations and a discussion about Hayato's dream, the latter, wanting a girlfriend, asks Pegasus if he knows any cute women. Affirming to his question, Pegasus arranges a meeting with an acquaintance of his from the prestigious St. Chronica's Academy.

Three days later, Hayato and Pegasus meet British exchange students Noel Redfield and Airi Aaron. While Airi and Pegasus don't see eye to eye, Hayato has fallen head over heels for Airi, much to Pegasus' bewilderment.

Afterward, Hayato, Pegasus, Noel, and Airi continue to bond while Hayato and Airi profess their love for one another and the two begin dating as Pegasus and Noel stop meeting one another.

Months later, Pegasus stumbles on Noel at her school and invites the former to her room. There, Pegasus gets motivated by Noel's wish of making an enjoyable school with its students living out a wonderful youth - which would later become Pegasus' intentions of transforming most of St. Chronica's policies. In the midst of their conversation, Pegasus and Noel made love which was followed by several secret dates by the two for months until Noel's departure for England - ending their relationship.

Thereafter, Pegasus moved on with his life such as continuing with supporting Hayato and Airi's relationship, meeting and marrying his fiancee, having a daughter named Sena, and eventually becoming St. Chronica's Academy's chairman - where he transformed the once tightly strict school into a lax co-ed school.

Tragedy later struck Pegasus when news of Airi died from an accident had reached him. While acting emotionally during Airi's funeral, Pegasus is met with a strongly determined Hayato holding a young Kobato in his arms while a young Kodaka standing by his side, stating that he has to protect what Airi has left behind. Pegasus then reassures Hayato to rely on the former for anything and reminding Hayato of their shared friendship.

About a decade later, upon his mansion's doorstep, Pegasus encounters his child from Noel, Stella Redfield.


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