This is just the start for our Neighbor's Club
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Chapter 1
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!
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We think, therefore we are Meat

Dash☆1: This is just the start for our Neighbor's Club ε=(O・ω・)O is chapter one of the spin-off manga Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!.


The chapter begins with Yozora and Sena arguing in the Neighbor's club-room.

Yozora is ranting about the club and how she let it get this way. She asks Kodaka if he's enjoying his stay with the club to which he replies "yeah, it's not a bad way to kill time." Yozora gets exasperated thinking to herself how she's so satisfied that Kodaka is having a good time and that him being happy means that she is happy as well. Sena is playing one of her games. She gets excited about a character (Mebaru-chan) about to get some tongue action. Yozora interrupts Sena's game which causes Sena to yell at her. As they are arguing, Rika hears them mention Mebaru and she starts talking about the game and its next level. Getting all hot and heated over the game, Rika insists Kodaka wants to look at her armpits to which he says no. Rika says that Kodaka gave a flat response, Sena says that if he likes feet then he can lick hers since he's her servant, Kodaka retorts saying he isn't a servant and Kobato and Maria fool around all while Yozora looks on, dumbfounded. Maria tells Kodaka that her armpits are smooth and he touches them saying her cuteness heals him. As Kodaka tickles Maria, Kobato threatens her saying she will awaken her true self and burn her if she doesn't unhand him. Maria says she doesn't want to which she calls her a stupid poop. Yukimura appears saying Kodaka can do as he wishes to her armpits. Kodaka cuts her off mid-sentence telling her not to say anymore. She asks him if it's because she's not man enough for him to which he says she's too much of a man. Yozora then yells at Sena blaming her for the odd armpit predicament Kodaka is in. Sena asks her to at least call her a pig or a cow, Yozora says she doesn't care and leaves.

Yozora is seen taking a shower complaining about how all the others do is whatever they want. She begins to ask herself whether or not Kodaka actually likes armpits. She touches her armpit saying if Kodaka likes it, she will too.

Yozora returns to the club-room to find Kodaka all alone. She mentions him being alone and he says that she has no friends either. She thinks that this is her chance, she lifts up her arms revealing her armpits and tells him that he can look all he wants, she doesn't mind. Kodaka, completely taken off-guard, is taken aback by this. Sena, Rika, and Yukimura appear at the doorway, completely surprised by Yozora. Yozora collapses in embarrassment as the others pry at the two.

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