Tooya Festival Shrine

Tooya Festival Shrine

Location Tooya City
Anime Debut Episode 11

This is a shrine where the Tooya Summer Festival is held each year. It is located in Tooya City near the Tooya Shopping District.

Plot OverviewEdit

During Summer break, on her way to school, Yozora sees some fliers advertising the Tooya Summer Festival being held at this shrine. At the Neighbor's Clubroom, she informs the others about the festival and they all agree on going.

Later that night, the club members hang out and eat food bought from various stalls at the shrine. They finish most of their food and Yukimura brings them the octopus dumplings that they originally went to the festival for. Kodaka tries one and hates it. He tells the others to go with to look for another stand that sells better ones. Yozora says that she doesn't want to the club members start a small argument. Some want to leave, others are full and others still want to stay. Sena persuades them to stay, challenging Yozora to a festival game competition. The members all head off and play at various booths. Later in the night, they meet back up and having time to kill before they leave, Kodaka suggests they shoot off fireworks. Kodaka buys some and after using all the sparklers, they fire off actual fireworks. During the final firework, Yozora's hair catches fire and Kodaka throws a bucket of water onto her. Yozora, pissed, leaves, and the others went home as well, all disconcerted.


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