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"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk! God damn gravity you piece of shit...! You don't care who it is as long as you can pull down on them, do you, you little bitch!! Gravity, you piggy bitch slut! Holy fucking shit what a god damn whore you are...! Hah, you're Earth's greedy little slut, you damn bitch in heat! Fuck you universal gravitation, you're just Newtonian Mechanics' dirty little whore! You're just the crusty semen left over in that slutty apple's pussy after that son of a bitch Isaac fucked its rotten juices! Special theory of relativity, you impotent phimosis piece of shit! Einstein, you old limp dick fuck! What, got something to say!? Then move that tiny little twig of yours faster! Cum faster than the speed of light! A pig that can't fly through space-time is just a piece of shit that reeks of semen and can't even last 5 seconds in his wet dreams! Fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking UNIVERRRRRRRRRSSSEE!!" - Rika during the Black Dragon Ride.


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