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    My Impending Retirement

    December 29, 2014 by Boonerski

    So... I guess this is it. (And my first blog post!) My official statement. If you as the reader is... reading this, then you may have seen me in the wiki activity list or just out of plain curiosity. Alot of wiki editors have gone through a certain change in pace that lead them to become inactive wiki building, though most of them have kept quiet - didn't bother to leave a word of their retirement. So, I, user Boonerski, or otherwise formerly known as Onee-saB*tch, is now retiring from my post as a wiki editor, fortunately, only for a time being. Going back to myself, allow me to share my background of going from a novice user, to a full-on bureaucrat of the Haganai wiki. You can skip to the fourth paragraph if you're not interested.


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